I will be kind and respectful to everyone.

I will listen to understand the views and values of those with whom I disagree.

I will work to solve problems by seeking common ground.

I will refrain from mocking or ridiculing those who disagree with me.

I will seek to trust, and be trustworthy and truthful, in my interactions with others.

Rev. Casey Banks enthusiastically endorses the Civility Pledge and

is grateful for the work of United as Neighbors.

United as Neighbors is dedicated to working in the Newberg/Dundee area and Yamhill County to build a community where differing views are welcomed as resources for addressing our community's needs. They've embodied that vision in our Civility Pledge. Disagreement doesn’t have to be bad. Disagreement has been the engine of human progress: better ideas often emerge when we disagree constructively.

United as Neighbors hopes to see our local political culture shift toward effective collaboration, where we can address issues like homelessness and public safety, how to support every child in our school system, how to plan for our community’s growth, etc. – all of which are opportunities for people to get to know each across political divides, and work together to accomplish things we all care about.